The common thread underlying every York Real Estate Deal is Land.

York Developments is a family-owned Real Estate Development Company based in Hattiesburg, MS founded by Bennett V. York.
Land touches every human being on the planet and land has been the focus of the York Family for over 45 years. With our beginnings rooted in Timberland, the York Team has left its mark and signature on thousands of acres and millions of square feet across nearly every Real Estate sector. Each and every York deal sprung from dirt. Each project represented a blank canvas to create and build beautiful places and spaces for thousands of families to live, work, shop and store.

Bennett V. York
S. Paige York
John T. York
Jan W. Hammond
Chief Legal Counsel
Elizabeth Strickland
Chief Financial Officer
Mary Blumentritt
Corporate Legal Counsel
Casey G. Tippens
Development Director
Corey Ward
Storage, Director of Operations
James Madison
Storage Portfolio Accountant
Roy Jarvis
Canebrake Club Manager
Libby Vardaman
Community Sales Director
Barbara Wilson
New Development Administrator
Jennifer Shaidnagle
Construction Administrator
Katelyn Eaton
Certified Public Accountant
Abby York
Project Manager
Katie Easterling
Project Manger
Lars Losee
Project Manager
Tyler Miles
Project Manger
Ariel Esmer
Facilities Manager
Tina Rodriguez
Florida Office Manager